Tim had 5 weeks and Darran is due back in Feb 2020

We wouldn’t say traumatised. Onyx is a spoiled little bitch lol and spends most of her time sleeping on our bed

Amazing. Everyone including ourselves are shocked at how well he is going and had attached to us

No. Everyone we told was and has been so so supportive. We couldn’t ask for better friends and family in our lives

Nope, it’s naturally that curly

Darran is Daddy and Tim is Dad

We wouldn’t say hard. We would say it’s been a long, stressful (at time) process. We understand why the process takes this long and just went with it

We did when adopting Pudding and will consider it when we adopt again

Nope! That’s his name and that’s that. We may put his surname as his middle name but we haven’t decided.

He is 2

Darran likes a Baileys coffee and music. Tim likes cleaning, watching TV and eating


We have to be careful. We share guardianship with Social Services for the first 10 weeks and not allowed to post him on social media. After this, we don’t know. If it feels right then probably

Yes! We had to put down our preference which was 0-6yrs, single or siblings

We submitted our registration form in October 2017, was accepted onto stage 1 in Jan 2018 and Pudding came hime in Feb 2019.

Darran 2, Tim 3

We live in Essex, UK

3 years. We meet in December 2015

We meet online ‘Orange Facebook’ December 2015

We both felt it was the right time in our lives. We thought about surrogacy but the law is very cloudy and the cost is ridiculous

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