December 2015 is when we started chatting to each other on ‘Orange Facebook’ (inside joke). 

After some chatting back and forth we decided to meet up for a drink in London!

As Tim works in London we decided to meet in a bar not far from the train station Darran comes into, or so Darran thought. Oh no! That was halfway across London, Darran is basically a tourist when it comes to London.

After many WhatsApp messages, both thinking we were being catfished and walking past each other on Blackfriars Bridge, we finally meet in The Mad Hatters Bar.

We spoke, laughed (a lot) and drunk a few beers before we decided to call it a night (Darran had a prior engagement ). Arranging to meet up at a Lakeside Shopping Centre as Darran works there the next day, we had some lunch, all Darran did was talk about his sister who at the time was having a major operation on her spine.

Fast forward to New Years Eve 2015 we were both out with friends constantly messaging each other like a pair of excited teenagers. It was then we decided to make it ‘official’ or as our social worker writes it “exclusive”

Since then we’ve shared some amazing holidays, started our family with a moggy called Onyx, had nights out with friends and crazy nights in.

We have a HUGE network of friend and family around us who are following and sharing every experience of our adoption journey. So its time to share it with others.

We’d like to sit here and say we are PERFECT, I think we all know that ain’t true!

What we can say is that our relationship has had its ups and downs but we as a couple have always and will always be there for each other.